Cicely Fest 1998

July 10-12, 1998

Cicely Bazaar (open market).
Live perfromance "Walking on Turtle Island" by Robert Owens.
Mini-script reading.
Bus tour.
Concert & Big Feast
Parade, Fling and cookoff.

This was the last "fest" I attended that was not run by the fans. It was a disaster. Nothing was as advertised. Why is it called Cicely Fest? Well that sums it up. The two "partners" from the 1997 Moosefest were in a catfight and threatening lawsuits if either one used the name Moosefest. Uhg. It didn't totally bomb - there were a lot of great folks!

Here's some photos from the fest!

Barbara east an orange at sunset at the cliff.


Drinks at the Brick

The story of the Brick - the oldest operating saloon in Washington state.

Dan Dusek's bus tour

Plug outside of the Brick

Charlie's Angels in the Druid section of the cemetary
(Thalia, Matt, Jerrilynn and Judy)
Picture from Barbara

Chas and Bobbio at the Brick.

Flinging a coffeemaker - it is circled.

Hayden (James Dunn) making a phone call

Watching band in the Brick
Paul V, Thalia and Kathy

Paul V, Rob R, Steve, Kurt and Eddie in Maurice's office

Looking into town down Pennsylvania

James Dunn and Kurt log on to the IRC chat #thebrick from the real Brick!

Jennifer eyeballs Maurice's deer with Rob
Picture from Eddie

Jennifer takes a call at Maurice's desk.
Picture from Eddie

Judy and Matt in the Winterfest park

In response to the lack of drinks at dinner,
Kathy breaks into spontaneous crane dancing

Inside the KBHR studio

Marie and her hubby at Ruth Ann's grave

Maurice's german clock - now housed in the Roslyn Museum

Jerrilynn at Maurice's desk

Me sitting in the corner of Memory Makers

Me and Moultrie Patton

Moose lodge section of cemetary

Mr Trebuchet

The "online group": Kurt, Paul V, Chas, Jennifer, Matt, Judy S, Thalia, Sandy, Rob R, Barbara, Marie, Eddie, Jerrilynn, Linda and her son, Pat PM and Kathy

Matt, Barbara, Rob R, Paul V and Pat PM pet one of the many Cicely dogs

Pat PM drumming in the parade

Rob and Jennifer at the cliff at sunset

Another view from Ruth Ann's grave

"Is there a salad involved here?"

Sandy gets the giggles in the Brick

Three mooseketeers
Sandy, Jennifer and Jerrilynn
Picture from Eddie

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