From the US heartland

ChicagoBlues Festival held the first weekend in June in beautiful Grant Park.

Only one of Chicago's fabulous summer festivals.

The "El" -- home of the elevated trains.

Perhaps the most visable of Chicago's symbols.

Sailing is a favorite pastime of many Chicagoans. The many harbors along the lakefront are both picturesque and convenient.

The picture tells the story -- it's beautiful out on the water.

Navy Pier -- The huge lighted ferris wheel sominates Chicago's famous Navy pier.

Fun is never far away in Chicagoland.

The Chicago skyline is beautiful by day but dazzling at night.

This says it all.

Cicely (by way of Chicago)

My first trip to Cicely, a place that lives on in the hearts of those of use who know its spirit.


James Dean - Indiana (by way of Chicago)

I grew up in Indiana just a few miles from James Dean's hometown, and Dean was an important part of the teen years of my friends and me in Indiana.


You can take the girl out of hoosierland, but can you take the Hoosier out of the girl? Well, if you replace it with Cicely ...

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