NX Postcard Box


The letter :

Castelldefels. September 27th, 2002 .

Hi Cicelian,

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're a VERY LUCKY person coz you're the next one in taking part of our NORTHERN EXPOSURE Postcard Box!!!

The only thing you have to do is enjoying the postcards we send to you and add your own one(s) of your city or town. Write any,thing you want, maybe a NX's poem or quote, a short story about why do you love Northern Exposure, a question for the actors or writers of the show. If you want you can also add a picture of yourself or of your fave character from the show. Anything you wanna share with all of us. But, please, light and small things because we don't want it to be a expensive thing to send. It wouldn't be fair for the nexts.

And please, write the date in the postcards and add the previous stamps inside the box. So we'll be able to check the journey of our NX's box at the Moose Days 2003!!! If you want, you can also sign in the back of this paper to let us know when you received the box and who was the person you decided to be the next.

After including your stuff you only have to send this box with everything inside, the things you received and the things you have added, to another NX's fan from any part of the world who hasn't received the box before.

If you're the one who receives this box about the end of July, please send this box to the next address in Roslyn, so it'll arrive to the Moose Days 2003 in time.

I hope we have made you feel happy receivIng this box!!!

MAZEL TOV, May the moose be with you!!!


Package traveled from:

Castelldefels, Spain to Denver, Colorado USA, to Eden Prairie, Minnesota to Rosemount, Minnesota to Richton Park, Illinois to Syracuse, New York to Barnet, Hertz, UK to Atlanta, Georgia, and back to Denver Colorado.

(It did not arrive in Roslyn as hoped but it didn't disappear...)

See the postcards ...


Castanets ("These are the castanets our NX's friends found in the mysterious package covered with foreign stamps. 'The Final Frontier'.")

A bookmark from Spain ("Thanks to Northern Exposure I believe in magic. So, logic me, no logical arguments. (Aimee's Creedo) Seize the reading!)

Pine cones from Colorado.

A small wooden loon with a "Joel" Minnesota license plate keychain. A poem ("Ode to Peg") written by Marie C. in Minnesota. A bag of wild rice - Minnesota state grain with a note about traditional harvesting.

A lapel pin from the Chicago Water Tower and a small cow from the "Cows on Parade".

A collection of reproduction New York currency from 1776 to 1864, a book on "The Urban Lndscape - Syracuse Then & Now", and a couple of brochures about the Erie Canal.

A tin of English Afternoon tea shaped like a Brit phone booth, a five pence coin, and a collection of postage stamps depicting the Great British countryside.

A pictorial guidebook called "Georgia - A Peachy Place to Be," a mass transit token and a keychain from Atlanta, Georgia.

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