6.9 Sons of the Tundra





Original Air Date: November 28, 1994 Production number: 77808
Written by: Jeff MelvoinDirected by: Michael Vittes

Michelle: My God. A week ago I was at Starbuck's having a decaf latte with friends and now I'm on the trail of a larcenous rodent.
Log line (1): Cicely welcomes a new doctor and his wife to their quirky way of life; Holling wants desperately to join the Sons of the Tundra men's club; Ed sees the future after eating a magical trout; and Joel briefly appears in search of a new hunting knife.
Synopsis (1):

After braving the endless miles of wilderness and a bizarre moose encounter, Dr. Phillip Capra and his wife, Michelle Schowdoski-Capra are in Cicely. Fresh from Los Angeles, they try to adjust to a less than state of-the-art way of life when their cabin needs refurbishing, the office needs upgrading, wild animals come and go at will in their house and they have a brush with the supernatural. Nevertheless, they decide to commit themselves to the change in scenery and sign a two-year contract.

Holling desperately wants to join the exclusive men's club, Sons of the Tundra, and is willing to pay the ten thousand dollars to do it. Even though he isn't the usual sort to be initiated into the club, Maurice invites Holling to a club dinner to meet the members. Shelly's anger at their blatant discrimination against women leaves Holling questioning the morality in joining such a club even though the business advantages would be great When the snobbish club refuses his initiation because his greatgranddaddy was a Huguenot, Holling happily moves ahead to expand his business without them.

Meanwhile, Ed eats a raven spirit disguised as a trout and develops the ability to see the near future. When he foresees Hayden accidentally breaking his foot, he visits Phil in advance for treatment advice.

Phil, believing Ed to be delusional, doubts his ability until Ed predicts the dent in Phil's car just before it happens.

Joel, now a burly, bearded mountain man dressed in buckskin and furs, surfaces with a phone call to Maggie from Manonash asking for the Kensai Toothpick hunting knife she had ordered last year for his birthday but sent back because he didn't want it. Later, in perfect Adam fashion, he briefly appears at Holling's to trade fur pelts for a hunting knife and disappears as quickly as he arrived.

(Production Bible):

NEW RECRUITS: Dr. Phillip Capra: 36, "energetic, tightly wound, a man bravely trying to make sense of the 1990's". Graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and UCLA Med School -- board certified in internal medicine and gastro-enterology. Speaks French, enjoys biking and is a club-rated tennis player.

Michelle Capra: (Schowdoski-Capra) 34, "witty, attractive, insecure". Professional journalist, former model and actress at the Redondo Beach Theatre in the Round.

Sons of the Tundra motto: "Glacies Frangenda Est."

Sons of the Tundra greeting -- a two-finger salute off the right temple.

Wine of choice: 1988 Cos D'Estournel

Hunting knife of choice: Kenai Toothpick -- bone handle-, Solingen steel.

Brick averages 190 on all-you-can-eat spaghetti nights.

Summer of '38 Holling and Lon Guysberg left school in eleventh grade to lay railroad timbers outside Dawson.

Lester does not like Huguenots.

Guest stars (9): Phil Capra - Paul Provenza
Michelle Capra - Teri Polo
Eugene - Earl Quewezance
Lester Haynes - Apesanahkwat
Hayden Keyes - James L. Dunn
Senator Monkton - John Maxwell
Gil Le Fleur - Bob Morrisey (also appeared in 5.2, 5.24, 6.1, 6.3, and 6.10)
Earl - Robert Nicholson (also appeared in 3.19, 6.10 and 6.13)
Barbershop Quartet - Will Furman, H. Leonard Richardson, J.G. Dodge Wallace III, Erich Stratman
Stunts - A. Michael Lerner
(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

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Going Up the Country - Canned Heat
[Michelle and Phil drive to Cicely.]

Proud Mary - John Fogerty
[Ed hums while preparing to eat the fish.]

• catchy little tune in the Brick when Lester, Gil and Maurice talk about the sons of the tundra.

• country tune - A Thousand Miles to Nowhere? when Holling gets his letter from Sons of the Tundra.

Ain't That Love - Ray Charles
[Holling, Shelly and Randi drive off in the Brick mobile

Shelly’s Earrings:

Chili Peppers [Shelly complains about the Sons of the Tundra dinner and Maggie worries about Fleischman.]

Additional Notes :

Maurice gives Dr. Phil and Michelle a bottle of 1961 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild (about $350?)

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