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Original Air Date: November 22, 1993 Production Number: 77712
Written by: Diane Frolov and Andrew SchneiderDirected by: Michael Lange

Chris: I think the saying is better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all and if they didn't say it, they should have.

Log line (1): Holling and Ruth-Anne discover that their grandfathers knew each other - and one ate the other; Chris attempts to become a licensed pilot; Joel discovers that Marilyn is a supersleuth.
Synopsis (1):

When Ed reads an old diary of a trapper caught in the Great Blizzard of 1897, he discovers that Holling's grandfather ate Ruth-Anne's already-dead grandfather in order to survive. Although Holling and Ruth-Anne rationalize that it happened a long time ago, they act extra-polite and awkward toward each other. During a birding expedition, Ruth-Anne reveals her true feelings and lashes out at Holling. It turns out the she is depressed that her ancestor didn't last out the blizzard. Holling makes peace by pointing out that his good traits are probably due to her family's genes in him.

Maggie has been giving Chris flying lessons and he is a natural in the air. However, when it comes to taking the rigorous written exam to get his pilot's license, he develops a severe panic attack and has difficulty breathing. Defeated, Chris bags the whole pilot idea until Maurice arranges for four magnificent fighter planes to fly past him in formation. He gets the message and, with some help from Maggie on relaxation techniques, gives it another try. Although he flunks the exam, he learns a lesson in the value of basic human endeavor.

When Joel's petty cash for the doctor's office is missing, he suspects thievery. After discovering a few seemingly random clues, Marilyn is convinced that it was Hayden Keyes, a patient. When the money is anonymously returned, Marilyn again finds clues that point to Hayden. It turns out that her grandfather was the clan's crimesolver and Marilyn has inherited his gift. However, much to Joel's frustration, Marilyn won't use her talents to help him find his stolen skis because she doesn't want to judge anyone.

(Production Bible)

Just asking: since Ruth-Anne and Holling aren't natives of Alaska, what the hell were their grandparents doing there at the turn of the century?

Art imitates life: the Shelly/Ed/Joel who-would-you-eat? cannibalism conversation was inspired by a similar discussion held by some of us Lantana captives (okay, it was a slow workday and I had just seen "Alive"). If I am not mistaken, the delectable Gianna Rubin-Smart was the popular choice. [This is taken word for word from the Production Bible (2).]

Guest stars (9): Dave the Cook - William J. White
Hayden Keyes - James Dunn
Walt - Moultrie Patten
William Salyers (also in Ep. 6.17)

(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

Smoke Rings - Les Paul and Mary Ford

Bodas de Sangre - Pata Negra
[Joel, Shelly and Ed talk about who they would eat.]

Layin' Back

Fish House Road - Billy Kelly

Wild Blue Yonder
[Chris talks on the air about flunking his pilot's test.]

Shelly’s Earrings: Hand mirrors [Discusses who she would eat with Joel and Ed.]
Chuck Greywolf Sighting: At church when Chris gets his results, bets behind Marilyn. At the end walks past Marilyn and Joel near the Cicely laundromat.
Additional Notes: The diary was from Amos Robertson in 1897. Robert Hayes was Ruth-Anne's grandpa and Grandpa Gustav was Holling's.

Footnotes and additional research

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