5.22 Gran Prix





Original Air Date: May 9, 1994Production number: 77723
Written by:
Barbara HallDirected by: Michael Lange

Green Man: Ed, you're dealing with the demon of external validation. You can't beat external validation. You want to know why? Because it feels sooo good.

Log line (1): Maurice brings the world-renowned sport of wheelchair racing to Cicely; Ed battles External Validation (guest star Ben Reed) to help a patient; Ted (guest star Tim Sampson) learns of the loneliness of wealth.
Synopsis (1):

After his leg injury, Maurice learned of the sport of wheelchair racing and, with the First Cicely Sunrise Road Race, he has brought champions from every corner of the world to compete. Leading Team Minnifield is Cliff Zweibel (guest star David McSwain), who becomes frustrated as Maurice turns every aspect of the race into a moneymaking opportunity. After Maurice insists that he wear Reeboks instead of his lucky shoes, Cliff quits and Maurice has to scrounge a last minute replacement.

A racer in town suffering from tennis elbow asks to try Ed's methods of healing because traditional therapy hasn't worked. After Ed's topical treatment causes a rash, he is chastised by Dr. Grant Saperstein (guest star Markus Flanagan), a visiting doctor to tend to the racers while Joel is out of town. Feeling insecure about his shaman abilities, Ed is mocked by his low self-esteem demon, the Green Man (guest star Phil Fondacaro). After realizing that Kim's (guest star Kristine Kirsten) ailment is related to her need for the demon External Validation, Ed battles the otherworldly demon for her to no avail. Once he convinces her to change her goals and visualizations to doing well for herself, rather than simply to win, her elbow is well.

When Ted Banks is commissioned to wire Lester Haines' (guest star Apesanahkwat) new house, he is thrilled about the financial security and is thinking about the future with Marilyn. While he is impressed by all of Lester's wealth, Marilyn is unfazed and disdainful. After spending many hours with Lester, Ted sees the truth, as Lester longs for more possessions and tries to squeeze Ted to lower his measly commission.

(Production Bible):

Ed got his fourth rejection letter on his "The Shaman" script. [It's too much like On Deadly Ground.]

Grant was a partner at one of the top plastic surgery practices on the West Side when he was hit with a lawsuit by a former client.

Lester's driver and best friend since high school is Jimmy.

(Production Bible):

Whoa. Who are all these nice people and what happened to the barkeep, his ditzy wife and that nice jewish doctor? Is the wheelchair race replacing the annual Running of the Bulls or is there going to be some kind of wild combination next year?

Wine of the week: Romanee-Conti
[Romanee Conti: Domaine de la Romanee-Conti is the most famous wine estate in all of Burgundy, if not the world. The domaine, commonly known as DRC, is co-owned by the de Villaine and Leroy families. The de Villaine half is shared among 10 different family members, while on the other side Lalou Bize-Leroy and her sister Pauline Roch-Leroy each own 25 percent of the domaine. All DRC wines are grand cru quality, including one white wine (Le Montrachet) and six reds (Romanee-Conti, La Tache, Romanee St. Vivant, Richebourg, Grands Echezeaux and Echezeaux). Both Romanee-Conti and La Tache are monopole sites, that is, the domaine owns the vineyard in its entirety. From http://www.giantbottles.com/]

Guest stars (9): Kim Greer - Kristine Kirsten
Ted Banks - Tim Sampson
Lester Haynes - Apesanahkwat
Cliff Zweibel - David McSwain
Grant Saperstein - Markus Flanagan
Green Man - Phil Fondacaro
(Also appeared in 5.8)
External Validation (Oscar Pulitzer) - Ben Reed
Co-Dependency - Dennis Bateman
Mike - Blanchette Craig
Julian - Keith Egawa
Soong - Jacob Heilveil
(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

[Joel and Maggie argue as they discuss her bladder infection.]

Leichte Kavallerie (Light Cavalry Overture) - Franz Von Suppe

Kid's All Right - Bettie Servert

Preacher Man - Bananarama

Sonate G-dur (Scarlatti)

Build That House

All Right Now - Free
[Ed meets up with external validation.]

Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni)
[Ed fights with external validation.]

Blitzkreig Bop - Ramones
[The race.]

Shelly’s Earrings:

No Shelly, no earrings

Additional Notes:

"Gran Prix" - French for "Big Price"

Personal Demons - a mobile home community.

The Production Bible says about the new/temp doc: And blandly handsome Dr. Grant Saperstein steps in for M.I.A. Dr. Joel (either that or the last four seasons were just a dream, tune in next week to find out.)

Maurice quoting Fitzgerald - "The Rich are different ... they have more money." Fan Darren reports the quote by Fitzgerald is misstated- Fitz said the rich are different. Hemingway retorted- Yeah, they have more money. (Thanks Darren!)

Marilyn quoting Chief Seattle said, how can you sell the land?

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