5.19 The Gift of the Maggie



Original Air Date: March 28, 1994Production Number: 77717
Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess Directed by: Pat McKee

Maurice: The orchid, the aristocrat of the flower family. The most sophisticated plant on earth. Clearly a cut above. But, it's got petals like everybody else. The lowly daisy, the cheap carnation, half-baked azelia. Like these, the orchid needs warmth. It needs care and kindness to get by. These flowers need you people. No, I need you.

Log line (1): Maurice learns about the give-and-take of friendship; Joel is depressed when he has no one to to "talk shop" with; Chris learns a life lesson from a benevolent deer.
Synopsis (1):

When his furnace explodes, Maurice evacuates for a week to avoid asbestos. Holling insists that Maurice bunk with him and Shelley, but Maurice is uncomfortable there and he angers Holling by insisting on paying for room and board. Yet when Maurice makes a radio plea for temporary homes for his prize orchids, Holling is first in line to offer help.

Proud of correctly diagnosing a rare syndrome, Joel realizes he has no medical peers with whom to share his excitement. To ease his ensuing depression, Maggie arranges a dinner party with an internist from a nearby clinic, Pete Mellon (guest star Hank Stratton). Ed reveals that Maggie has bribed Pete with free flights to Juneau to spend time with Joel, who confronts her and confesses feeling like a pathetic fool. She admits trying to make him happy about being in Alaska and, thus, about their relationship.

Chris sights a deer in the scope of his hunting rifle. As they exchange stares, Chris can't pull the trigger. At home, a bottle of Buckhorn liquor waits on the doorstep. Puzzled, Chris returns to leave an apple on a stump as thanks. On his way home, he finds a fifty-dollar bill and the apple gone. Pondering the "meaningful coincidence," Chris leaves a second gift of a sack of grain. Departing, he stumbles and flings his rifle irretrievably deep into the river.

Details (2):

*Note: this episode is strangely omitted from the Production Bible (?) So there is no extra details or trivia for this episode.


Walt - Moultrie Patten
Owen - George Barril
Elaine - Kia Sian
P.W. Stevens, Jr. - Fred Applegate
Lt. Commander Pete Melon, M.D. - Hank Stratton

Lilliane - Carol Rave

(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

Menuett (Bach)

On the Alamo - Benny Goodman


Caminando Por La Calle - Gipsy Kings
[Joel talks to Commander Pete at Maggie's house.]

The Cowboy Waltz - Great Western Orchestra

Shelly’s Earrings: Tropical birds [Puts Maurice to bed.]
Plate and silverware [Dinner with Maurice.]

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