4.22 Kaddish for Uncle Manny

Joel: You need nine guys on a field to play baseball and ten jews in a room to say kaddish. (6)

Original Air Date(1): May 3, 1993

Production number (7): 77624

Written by(1): Jeff Melvoin

Directed by(1): Michael Lange

Log line(1): When Joel's uncle dies, he discovers that the important bonds in times of trouble are not necessarily from a common religion, but rather a sense of community.

Synopsis(1): When his Uncle Manny dies of a stroke, Joel needs ten Jews for the recitation of the Hebrew prayer for the dead. Because Joel has to stay in town to monitor a flu epidemic, Maurice and the rest of the gang take on the mission of bringing ten Jews to Cicely. While Joel appreciates the effort, he feels no common bond with these paid strangers and decides to defy tradition and sit shiva with his friends in Cicely.

While Chris' brother Bernard (guest star Richard Cummings, Jr.) is in town visiting, the Miller brothers from West Virginia show up to resume a feud that goes back generations. Bernard, the ultimate pacifist, is appalled at Chris' excitement about the rumble. Yet, with encouragement from Chris, he soon learns the thirst for blood and pain. Right before the fight, however, Bernard discovers that the feeling of anticipation is better than any victory and they all decide not to fight.

Meanwhile, Holling becomes a little light on his feet when Marilyn picks him to be her new dance partner. Shelly is jealous of his sudden fascination with dancing and all the time he spends with Marilyn. Luckily, Marilyn isn't satisfied with Holling's aura and returns to her old partner.

Details(2): Joel used to spend Sundays together with Manny, who was childless. They listened to Yankee games on the radio.

Joel is dealing with a flu crisis in Yellowknife. Joel was bar mitzvahed. He shows Maggie the pictures.

Chris' last run-in with Bobby Miller was twelve years ago. They faced off at the Deer Run Drive-In. Bobby broke Chris' nose.

Ed sets a precedent -- knocking on Joel's door.

Guest Stars (7):
Bernard Stevens - Richard Cummings, Jr.
Bob Miller - Peter Murnik
Tommy Miller - Steve Fitchpatrick
Buck Shoin - Paul Walsh
Nigel Axelrod - Roger Curtis
Cowboy Greenbaum - Victor Kepler

Little Big Macher - David J. Washington
PA Announcer - Raymond Gendrin

Music: (3) [Nothing is listed on the Moose's Guide.]
Lot's of great cajun music...

Shelly's Earrings:
Gold revolvers (guns) [Serves the Stevens and Miller brothers in the Brick.]
Cowboy books with spurs (both left? makes comment that Holling has two left feet.) [At Maurice's meeting to find Jews.]
Toliets [Talks to Holling about his dancing with Marilyn.]
Indian booties? [Tells Marilyn Holling can't dance with her.]
Long strings of beads [At Joel's prayer meeting.]

More notes:
In Joel's cowboy dream scene, there are two brothers "Coen Brothers - Ethen and Joel". Inside joke, I guess?

Robert Livingston is Marilyn's dance partner she had fired and rehires in the end. Marilyn does the Cajun Two-Step.
Learn the cajun two-step here.

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Created 1/31/02

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