4.19 Family Feud





Original Air Date: March 8, 1993 Production number: 77618
Written by:
David Assael Directed by: Adam Arkin

Chris: I know it's short notice, but the bride-to-be is pushing for a quickie. Medical emergency. Nope, it's not what you're thinking. Anyway, I know a couple of us have been down the aisle with these people before, maybe this time, they'll make it to the altar. We'll keep our collective fingers crossed.

Log line: When a totem pole is carved for the Whirlwind family, a family feud originating from an incident in 1934 is resurrected, dividing the Native Americans in Cicely.


When Leonard (guest star Graham Greene) carves a totem pole for the Whirlwind family, a minuscule fish crest causes major friction among the Native American Bear and Raven clans. The argument is over whether an ancestor of one family stole money from an ancestor of the other family to start a salmon cannery. The fracas is settled when Leonard carves a new pole without the fish crest and the totem-raising celebration resumes.

Meanwhile, Shelly is experiencing lifelike hallucinations of dancers, frolicking into her life. Leonard explains that these are caused by her subconscious desire for a life parmer. Surprisingly, when Shelly asks Holling to marry her in order to stop the visions, he agrees. While Shelly is concerned with getting rid of her trippy visions, Holling gets into the spirit of the nuptials and they are finally wed.

On a jealous note, Joel bristles at Maggie and Mike's (guest star Anthony Edwards) displays of intimacy and happiness. He struggles to define what his and Maggie's relationship has been and whether or not they ever had a "thing" between them.

(Production Bible):

Ed tells Fleischman that he and Marilyn are cousins -- the Whirlwinds come from the family's Raven Clan and the Chigliaks from the family's Bear Clan.

The Bears claim that Uncle Harold embezzled money to start a salmon cannery.

The infamous Stevens/Miller feud began in 1912 when Chris' great great granddaddy shot his third cousin once removed, Deputy Lou Miller, in the neck.

Shelly doesn't wear Holling's wedding ring, saying that it makes her feel like a "skanky old bag."

Guest stars: Leonard Quinhagak - Graham Greene
Floyd - Patrick Ryals

(Note music listed is from the original TV airings. The DVD may differ.)

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Boogie Woogie - Pinetop Smith
[Shelly sees hip hop dancers in the back of the pickup.] (Thanks, Skip!)

Shelly’s Earrings:

Hearts [Talks to Dave about the dancers.]
Blue vinyl records [Visits Dr. Fleischman.]

Additional Notes:


Joel and Maggie decide they are "Mutually Desireous Incompatibles."

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