4.11 Survival of the Species





Original Air Date: January 4, 1993Production Number: 77601
Written by: Denise DobbsDirected by: Dean Parisot

Maggie: “In laying our sister's things to rest, I though it would be fitting to quote something from one of her contemporaries, Mary Wollstonecraft, who wrote these words in 1792. "My own sex, I hope, will excuse me if I treat them like rational creatures instead of viewing them as if they were in a state of perpetual childhood, dismissing these pretty feminine phrases which men condescendingly use to soften our slavish dependence, and despising that sweet docility of manners, supposed to be the sexual characteristics of the weaker vessel. I wish to show that the first object of laudible ambition is to obtain a character as a human being, regardless of the distinction of sex.”

Log line (1): Ed becomes environmentally conscious; Maggie discovers ancient Indian relics in her backyard; Chris befriends a young delinquent and teaches him about life on the road.
Synopsis (1):

After a frightening apocalyptic dream, Ed becomes fixated on the world's unfortunate deterioration and eventual destruction. He searches for a way to alert everyone to the importance of being environmentally conscious. Cicely's bubble man Mike Monroe (guest star Anthony Edwards), is sympathetic to the problem and he and Ed determine a way they can improve life on earth for future generations.

While repairing a water pipe, Maggie uncovers ancient Indian artifacts. As soon as Maurice learns of the find, he organizes an excavation team to search for more. The discovery of a few traditionally feminine items, such as sewing and cooking supplies, causes Maggie to realize that throughout history women have been treated as the lesser, weaker sex. Inspired to do her part to change society's view of women, Maggie halts the search and reburies the relics so men cannot ruin them.

A twelve-year-old delinquent, Brad Young (guest star Edon Gross), escapes from a nearby camp and hitches a ride on a logging truck only to find himself in Cicely. The instant he lays eyes on Shelly, he is in love, proclaiming she is a babe and a half. Chris, being a delinquent child at one time himself, befriends the boy and gives him advice about life on the run.

Joel: I will not be collectively vibed out my own office.

Details (2):

Maurice's collection of Hopi Kachina dolls is second only to Barry Goldwater's. He also has collections of Zuni fetishes, Navajo jewelry and Santa Clara pottery.

Ron was an adjunct professor of Anthropology at the University of New Hampshire.

At the reburial ceremony, Maggie reads a passage from Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication of the Rights of Woman.

Brad Young's verbal tributes to Shelly of Nice Hooters and I've wrecked two pairs of underwear just dreamin' about you, did not go over well with our more conservative viewers.

Guest stars (9): Mike Monroe - Anthony Edwards
Ron - Doug Ballard
Erick Hillman - Don McManus
Brad Young - Edon Gross

The Wolf - Robert Nadir

[Help! If you know these tunes, email me.]

All is Fair in Love and War - ? (country tune)
[Brad talks to Holling.]

• Garth Brooks? tune
[Shelly talks Brad into cleaning the grease traps.]

• piano tune
[Ed attempts to film Mike about food and environmentalism.]

• Mooseburger Stomp - David Schwartz (on More Music from Northern Exposure Soundtrack.]
[Shelly tells Brad that Holling is her main squeeze.]

• Tango to Evora - Loreena McKennit
[The women rebury the artifacts in Maggie's yard.]

Shelly’s Earrings: Globes [In Ed's futuristic dream with her new acid-rain coat.]
Chili peppers [Brad tells her he is leaving.]
Additional Notes:

Maurice says he lost a chance for a wing at the Denver Museum of Natural History (now called the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.)

Ed mentions several movies, including Soylent Green.

Robert Nadir, who appeared here and in 1.1 The Pilot, passed away April 25, 2002 from ALS (Lou Gerhig's disease).


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